TRU to the CONverse 

 Meet our Group of the Month  

TRU CONS of Houston!


The TRU CONS were established in May of 2007 by the
President-James Eli aka "Eli" and Vice President - Tracy
"Taylor Made" Taylor.  They are a co-ed cruiser based club
with a common interest....the Converse shoe!  The club name
“Tru Cons” and style was derived from the old school sneaker:
Converse All Star “Chuck Taylor”.  They are TRU CONS because
they're TRU to the CONverse!
We are a group of men and women whose goal is to volunteer
in the community, help families in need and support our fellow


 TRU CONS at Krystal's VIP celebrating their 3rd Ann. Party!  
     Just recently on Friday, May 29th at Krystal’s VIP, the TRU CONS
celebrated their 3rd Anniversary.  There may have been several
other events scheduled on the same night, but that didn’t stop the
TRU CONS from receiving tons of support from many local clubs
from Houston as well as Dallas.  To name a few who stopped in to
congratulate the TRU CONSRollin' Nights, Magic Wheels, D.I.M.,
Street FX, Head Hunters, Genesis 4:9, Riders Inc, G.L.0.W., Second II
None (DFW), 3rd Coast Strokers, Hard Hitters, “Breeze” & “Big Jack”
of Hard Ridersthose are just a few!




     The TRU CONS reserved the VIP section for the club with
the most ticket sales and from the looks of it….those clubs were
Magic Wheels, D.I.M., and Rollin’ Nights.  They had the oppor-
tunity to lounge in their own secluded area with an elevated
view of the entire club, their own waitress designated for VIP
and their personal bartender with a bar.  Speaking of the Rollin’
Nights, this club almost took home the trophy for most rep, but
the ladies of G.L.O.W. won it instead with a little under 10 mem-
bers.  There were four categories specifically for motorcycles: 
Best Touring:  “Mystro” of Second II None (DFW)

Best Cruiser:  “JABO” the Vice President of Genesis 4:9

Best Sport Bike:  Newton an independent rider

Best Custom:  Lone Wolf rider an independent rider

Congratulations to all the trophy winners of the night!






     Periodically throughout the night, drawings were held with
various giveaways donated by their sponsor – Stubbs Cycles. 
The largest drawing happened to be the 50/50 pot with over one
hundred dollars as the rewarded amount.  The lucky winner not
only won the previous drawing, but she also went home with a
hand full of cash.  At 11pm, the prospects were vested by their
new President –“Eli”, so now they're official TRU CONS!
"Ace”, “Charliehustle”, and “Prince”....Congratulations! 



     All three men fulfilled all the requirements and put in the work
to receive their vests, so Congratulations to the newest members of
TRU CONS!  Shortly following the vesting of the three prospects, the
dj played their hit theme song.  The entire crowd watched as the
dance floor was suddenly  filled with TRU CONS dancing and chant-
ing their hit song ….all to celebrate their 3rd Year Anniversary.




     The TRU CONS had a great night without any stress...just
plain ole fashioned fun.  The devoted supporters who helped
make this event worth attending were willing to hang out with
the TRU CONS for most of the night.  This event really put the
TRU CONS on the map and hopefully all of their future events
will be just as organized and successful.  The members of TRU
CONS and the Lady Cons as well would like to thank those who
decided to make their anniversary celebration their first choice.
They also would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Hooks for cooking the
food on the buffet menu served to all the guests free of charge.




     Overall, there may have been several clubs that didn’t attend,
but for the most part the most important clubs and individuals drop-
ped in to party regardless of what else may have been planned by
other clubs.  The TRU CONS are growing every year, just a week
ago they added three new members to their roster.  They have so
much more in store for the future and currently they're always on
new endeavors to guarantee to increase their status in the motor-
cycle community.  If you would like to know more about the TRU
CONS of Houston, simply stay posted with us for the next 30 days
as we get a closer look at the club, It's members, and who they
really are as the Converse wearing icons on motorcycles.




      On behalf of TBM, we would like to congratulate the TRU CONS
on their 3rd Anniversary and wish them all the luck in the future. 
Also, a special thank you goes out to each member that took the
time to make sure the staff was taken care of……from parking the
car to the humble members and their gestures.