Texas Biker Magazine stresses the importance of promoting motorcycle awareness throughout the entire year, not only in May.  Hopefully, the continual promotion of motorcycle safety awareness will help minimize motorcycle accidents, especially those caused by motorists, at a persistent rate throughout the year. Motorcyclists and motorists are encouraged to “share the road” throughout the entire month of May, as well as everyday thereafter.
 Here are a few driving tips for motorists to help keep motorcyclists safe while sharing the roads:
  • Always allow motorcycles to have their full lane and avoid getting into their lane
  • Keep a constant watch for motorcycles by continuously looking in all mirrors, checking blind spots before changing lanes
  • In intersections, make a conscious effort to take a few extra seconds to look twice before continuing at stop signs or continuing in intersections
  • Be conscious of motorcycle turning signals
  • Always apply appropriate turning signals especially when in intersections
  • Allow an appropriate amount of distance when following behind a motorcycle and avoid following too close behind
  • At the first sound of a surrounding motorcycle, try to remain in the same position until the motorcycle is located
  • Always follow the speed limit according to the laws of that particular area
  • Never drive while impaired


Here are a few riding tips to help motorcyclists remain safe while riding motorcycles:
  • Always wear the appropriate riding gear to protect all parts of the body
  • Apply turning signals before attempting to make any turns whether it be hand signals or motorcycle turn signals
  • Ride as if you are invisible
  • Wear gear that is the most visible by wearing bright colors
  • Center yourself in the center of your lane
  • Ride within the appropriate speed limits of that particular area
  • Never ride while impaired


It is the responsibility of both the motorcyclists and motorists to safely share the roads.