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GET TO KNOW,,,'Cali'

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TBM's July Biker Dude, 'Cali' of Houston, Texas.


It may be obvious, but Cali stands for his hometown – Oakland, California.  If you already know Cali, you can agree that he is a cool, laid-back individual who smiles non-stop.  He is carefree and he has the ability to get along with everyone.  He is the P.R.O. for his club, Desolation Angels.  If, by chance, you forget their name, he says you can call them "DA" instead."  Although he seems quiet and shy; once you get to know him, you will discover how easy a simple conversation could be so effortless.  GET TO KNOW the July 2011 Biker Dude of the Month, Cali of Houston, Texas.

Next week, check out Cali's response to 25 QUESTIONS. Also, find out what else he had to say when he spoke with TBM staff member, Twinkie, via telephone. The podcast will be posted on the site for your listening enjoyment, so look forward to finding out the latest with Cali...on GET TO KNOW.

GET TO KNOW......'Lil J'

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'Lil J' of Houston, TX


GET TO KNOW ......"Lil J"!  A photo of M.A.F.I.A.'s "Lil J" of Houston, TX posing with his trophy at B&S Ryders' fish fry from their big anniversary weekend recently.  "Lil J" was the recipient of the trophy for Best Custom Sport Bike shown in this photo.  Congratulations "Lil J" on your big win.  GET TO KNOW more about "Lil J" and his club M.A.F.I.A.!


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Shorty, the President of B&S Ryders


TBM's STRIKE-A-POSE photo of the week.....The president of B&S Ryders,Shorty, poses as he burns out on his custom Busa motorcycle at B&S Ryders fish fry during their big anniversary weekend in Houston, Texas recently.  Shorty is the owner of B&S Custom Cycles located on Greens Road on the north side of Houston, TX.  Shorty says, "If you dream it, then I'll build it."  This motorcycle is the winner of TBM's Best Custom Sport Bike for the Battle of the Bikes & Final Four Watch Party at the Horn.a few months ago.   Shorty of Houston, Texas on STRIKE-A-POSE....


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August 2010 Biker Dude - "Big Chief"
6.1.0. of Houston, TX
Click on the photo above to view more pix of "Big Chief"


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January 2010 Biker Babe - "Bird"
G.L.O.W. of Houston, TX
Click on the photo above to view more pix of "Bird"

GET TO KNOW.......King Rowdy!

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GET TO KNOW TBM's June 2011 Biker Dude of the Month
King Rowdy of Houston, Texas

GET TO KNOW.......NECIE aka "5 STARR"!

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GET TO KNOW TBM's June 2011 Biker Babe of the Month
 Necie aka 5 STARR of Houston, Texas 

Crunkest Club.....

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3rd Coast Strokers of Houston
Bridging the Gap 2011 Crunkest Club
Congratulations to the 3rd Coast Strokers of Houston, Texas.  The Strokers won the Crunkest Club Trophy at Bridging the Gap's daytime event on July 23.  This is definitely a memorable occasion for the 3rd Coast Strokers.  There were over a 100 different clubs from all over Texas and in the end, the 3rd Coast Strokers managed to turn it completely out in Dallas and ultimately named the Crunkest Club at Bridging the Gap.  Are you wondering what the Strokers had to do to win?  Well, just be happy they didn't stand on the furniture or have security telling them to get down!  Wink