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Hurricane Harvey is one of the biggest storms to hit the gulf coast.  This massive storm hit Texas in a very unconventional way with torrential down pours and mass flooding across the Gulf Coast, leaving devastation & uncertainty behind. 

Once the storm passed the unthinkable happened, the sun came out. It was a sight of relief for all who endured the flooding rains. It was also a new sign of hope and togetherness. As Texans, southern hospitality is embedded in us all. Neighbors helping neighbors and strangers helping strangers, including the Biker Communities.

In matter of hours by word of social media, the mission was in progress. Texas bikers held Harvey relief drives in in various cities.  Donation locations popped up in various places with each one more successful than the other. It almost became a competition as to who could collect the most. Sure, there has been other community service projects,  but this one was special. The state suffered together, and has vowed to recovery together. The donations collected has helped families all over. If ever togetherness was to be achieved, Harvey has played a huge part in it. We salute all of the recovery efforts taking place, and to all people involved. We are also praying for all who are in the recovery process. If you need help with recovery, reach out to your brother and sister in your biker community.  Help is closer than you think. 
We are Texans, Proud & strong!

Gorgeous Ladies On Wheels (GLOW) documentary explores the beginnings of this popular female motorcycle club. It also shows how they value sisterhood, community service and their effect on the motorcycle community.

How many times have you heard someone say rain or shine we rolling? Well, if the weather isn’t severe then you probably will roll but are you properly prepared? Do you have the proper tires on your bike for the rain and do you have the proper rain gear for yourself? These are just two of many things to take into consideration before getting out on the wet road. Take the time to research the proper tires for your specific bike and rain gear that is best suited for you. Here is 1 of many websites that will help you in your research in being prepared for riding in the rain. 

Be smart, be prepared and be safe.