Craig Brown - Sept. 2011           "Chicago" - Sept. 2011
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Congratulations to our September 2011 Biker Dude (PR) and Biker Babe of
the Month (Chicago).  "PR" is the P.R.O. for his club, Dem Boyz of Killeen; "Chicago" is the P.R.O. of her club, Divas In Motion (D.I.M.) of Houston.  TBM audience members and guests were responsible for selecting both "PR" and "Chicago".  Look forward to getting a glimpse of their photos from their photo shoots.  In the meantime, find out more information regarding the requirements as well as how to nominate someone for our October election.  The poll will open at the end of September.  These poll dates and times will be announced at a later time.

Nomination Requirements for Biker Dude/Babe of the Month:

  • Must own & ride a motorcycle
  • Must be a member of for at least thirty (30) days.
  • Must have at least 70% of profile information completed on profile page.
  • Must have at least fifty (50) confirmed friends in the community.
  • Must have a profile picture posted on profile page.  **Certain profile pictures are unacceptable 

Nominate someone by one of the following methods:  (Be sure to provide your nominee's username and contact information)