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Phantom Playmates/Phantom Squad Motorcycle Organization

Phantom Playmates /Phantom Squad Motorcycle Organization "aka" PP or PP‘s was founded in November 10, 2011 by Joshlan Sheantrell Raymo who had a vision to be a part of an organization based on true Sisterhood, loyalty, respect, community service and a shared passion of riding. Phantom Playmates Louisiana Chapter is the original established chapter of the Phantom Playmates and is directly affiliated with the Phantom Squad Motorcycle organization.  Both organizations brought together by a common love of motorcycling and enjoyment to unite and improve our community.


The Phantom Playmates Motorcycle Organization (PPMO) is an organization of women that embodies professional, confident and non- fearing women who love and respect each other‘s beliefs, uniqueness and individuality. Phantom Playmates are independent advocates for the advancement of camaraderie, safety and awareness in a not for profit environment.  Phantom Playmates strive to aide and give back to our communities while volunteering for local and national charities.  


Also Phantom Playmates are a group of professional women who demonstrate class, style and integrity in every aspect of our lives. More importantly, the PPMO provides a network of support from the everyday stress of life. We are an organization where members can retreat; enjoy a "DRAMA FREE" environment and simply "JUST Have Fun".



Serving our community is our #1 priority while being committed to “giving back”. The PPMO will be an active and positive asset to our community by laboring with or time and energy and resources.



The purpose of the PPMO is to promote friendship, sisterhood, and goodwill to those that are less fortunate. Being a member of PPMO allows the opportunity to participate with others who share like-minded interests that include charity, community service, and various motorcycling and business activities. Phantom Playmates will unite women otorcycle enthusiasts for fun and excitement of riding together and supporting each other through riding and other social activities. We are strong-willed, independent, versatile, family oriented and business-minded. We strive for spiritual excellence and are role models to women and children aspiring to be motorcycle enthusiasts. Our organization prides itself on being a place where all women with any model motorcycle can feel comfortable riding in sisterhood.  


Phantom Playmates Motorcycle Organization, Louisiana Chapter
* Winnfield La. 71483


0 #2 SLIMM GOODIE 2012-06-09 04:41
Very informative
0 #1 FOXI BRN 2012-05-23 02:39
I want to say I truly enjoyed reading this article on Joshlan. It gave a nice insight on who she is and what she stands for.
Thank you lady for the Shout out to TD.

One LOve Foxi Brn

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