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Across State Lines

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Sexy Lace BikerJoshlan “PHANTASY” Raymo, 34       

Phantom Squad

Phantom Playmates      

Winnfield, Louisiana

Suzuki GSXR 600

3 years of riding experience

"From 0 to 10" …Across State Lines ...to Winnfield, Louisiana w/"Phantasy”
1.  Why do they call you “Phantasy” and tell us what is the meaning behind it“Phantasy” means a desirable phenomenon or a figment of your imagination...”

2.  Why did you start riding?  “I started because bikes are fun and sexy.”

3.  Give three individual words to best describe yourself as a person as well as your personality.  “Determined, successful and a joy to be around…”

4.  Name a Texas MC that you heard is well respected in the Texas Motorcycle Community.  Twisted Divas, Ruff Ryders and I-2O Riders…”

2012 Joshlan Biker 1 

5.  What is something that most people didn't know about you and when they found this information out, they were surprised and couldn't believe it?  “People always prejudge me.  They think of me as belligerent and arrogant, but when they get to know me they usually see me as “crazy, sexy and cool.”  I may come across with a strong demeanor due to my professional entrepreneur background, but I truly know how to keep business and my personal fun separate.  Since I live in a small town with approximately 300 employees, people tend to prejudge me based on things they’ve heard about me as a business owner that has had to fire and reprimand employees.  I’m a great caring person who loves to help others.”

6.  Name your biggest pet peeve in regards to the motorcycle scene?  “People portraying bikers as individuals with negative energy and people of violent nature.”

7.  Name your biggest pet peeve about riding with other“When someone rides up close to my back…”


8.  What makes you unique when compared to other female?  How do you stand out?  “Beauty, great personality and sex appeal…”


9.  Finish this sentence:  "After a person meets me, I guarantee they will always remember _____.”  “I am an energetic person who has high expectations with success to prove it.  I’m a licensed nurse and a business owner of three businesses.  I hold seven licenses via the Department of Health and Hospital.  I have the ability to adapt to all types of people.  Also, people love my eyes and personality.”

10.  Why did you choose Phantom Squad and what says you definitely picked the right club when you step back and think about your relationship with your club members?  “I chose to become a part of Phantom Squad because of my finance, Michael Carter.  When we initially started dating, he was the president of the ATX Chapter of Phantom Squad.  Later, he started the Louisiana chapter where I hold the position as the squad leader.  The Louisiana chapter is the only co-ed chapter.  There’s Phantom Squad and the female side, Phantom Playmates.”


0 #2 SLIMM GOODIE 2012-06-09 04:41
Very informative
0 #1 FOXI BRN 2012-05-23 02:39
I want to say I truly enjoyed reading this article on Joshlan. It gave a nice insight on who she is and what she stands for.
Thank you lady for the Shout out to TD.

One LOve Foxi Brn

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