Texas Biker Magazine attended Church at the Twisted Wrench hosted by: Marc George, President of the Killeen Chapter of the Christian Motorcyclist Association. 

Service Ministered by: Joel Lytle (1 Peter 2:5) 
Song Selections by: Christine Black Vincent

"Christian Motorcyclist Association is a non-profit, Interdenominational organization dedicated to reaching people for Christ in the highways and byways through Motorcycling. Since its beginning in the mid 1970's, CMA has had 160,000 applicants for membership and over 1,200 chapters chartered in the United States. Also, through The CMA International Ministry, CMA is represented in other countries throughout the world. CMA is not a club but a ministry. There member program is designed to make ministers out of their members. They are involved in motorcycling events across the country and taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ into America'a prisons. Their Seasons of Refreshing Conferences conducted by CMA staff evengelists prepare members for ministry in the coming rally season"

The Killeen Chapter of Christian Motorcyclist Association was established in October of 1997. They are received in the Motorcycle Community with open arms and respected for their mission. In comparison to traditional Motorcycle Clubs, CMA does not invlove themselves with politics within the Motorcycle Community; they are a neutral party which allows them to Minister to all without passing any judgements in any situation and maintain good relationships with all. They are fully aware of MC protocol and understand that they must adhere to the respect factor in that regard in order to be successful in spreading the word of God.

The idea of Church at the Twisted Wrench simply came about during a conversation a year and a half ago between Marc and good friend Monty Van Horn. The idea was to create a laid back atmosphere where all would be welcomed and not judged to be opened in heart and mind to receive the word of God. Well thanks to Michael Richard (Mooch), his wife Lisa, and partner Shaggy, CMA was blessed with a location to allow their vision to be fulfilled.

CMA is now partnering with Freedom Biker Church in a few weeks by also ministering at another location to include weekly Sunday and Wednesday services. Both services are opened to all not just to Bikers and as Joel Lytle ministered on Sunday; we are all living stones and as living stones we should build ourselves up into a spiritual house and a holy priesthood so that we may offer spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to God. Michael Richard (Mooch) and his wife Lisa (Hootie) were living stones for CMA and now CMA are living stones for the Motorcycle Community. Mooch and Lisa passed away on February 28, 2016 and now are riding with Jesus.

The next Church at the Twisted Wrench will be dedicated to them and the many great things they have done for the community.

Remi Redd